CSG (Xian Ning) Photovoltaic Glass Line Lighting Up


January 26th 2018, CSG Xian Ning Photovoltaic Glass Co., Ltd. lighted up successfully a furnace of high aluminum ultra-thin glass in designed capacity of 15 million square meters a year, which is expected to replace similar imported product gradually.


Shanghai Precision Dosing & Weighing System Co., Ltd, who designed and supplied the complete batch plant, including its sand house and the Cullet return system from cold-end, has engaged the state-of-art technologies and high quality equipment for the system, combining with the company’s knowhow on bulk materials handling. After two months testing and commissioning, the whole batch plant has been started up smoothly and successfully with extreme high accuracy and homogeneity, which secured the quality of glass melting.


Shanghai Precision focus on design and supply complete batch plant in float glass, fiber glass and container glass, and has been qualified and accepted by many glass manufacturers worldwide.


China Southern Glass (CSG) is a group of companies for high quality float glass production, who is one of the leading glass manufacturers in China.